Reni Lane

Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie


badass bitch right here. makes me miss two summers ago.

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Paris Hilton

Victoria Beckham at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Fashion Show

Lissy Trullie

Emma Watson



Karen O

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Agyness Deyn


agyness has karen o’s haircut. my favorite model looking like my favorite singer? weird. but, awesome because i love black, short hair lots lots and really am strangley obsessed with black hair (and eyebrows. the nyt had an article on fashionable eyebrow shapes the other week and i thought it was the best thing i’d read in a while, bhahahah).

Ginnifer Goodwin

Alexa Chung

Carey Mulligan at the Creative Coalition’s Premiere of “The Greatest”

Carey Mulligan at the New York Premiere of “Never Let Me Go”